The top 10 technology articles of 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020, we revisit this year’s most popular stories.

Our top 10 reads cover the year’s most compelling and timely topics: the workplace of the future, how COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation, supercomputing’s far-reaching impact on our lives, and more.

No. 1 The fundamentals of security incident response—during a pandemic and beyond

Read about the ongoing battle between business and cybercriminals in this year’s most-read story.

No. 2 How COVID-19 is accelerating the move to hybrid cloud

Businesses are putting digital transformation into high gear. Experts share priority elements of the process.

No. 3 Six ways the world’s fastest computers have changed your life

Like your car? Love the movies? Happy with your doctor and your bank? You’ve got a supercomputer to thank.

No. 4 Zero trust makes business secure by default

As enterprises turn to hybrid IT, they’re finding that conventional identity and access management doesn’t keep up.

No. 5 IT security at home: Hard but not impossible

You probably can’t provide security for workers at home that matches that of your office, but you can come close. Here are some ideas.

No. 6 The Doppler Report: Accelerating the future

In this report, we explore all that’s needed to make your digital transformation successful—from strategies for your workforce to how to ensure your tech is secure.

No. 7 8 steps to achieving the ‘cloud everywhere’ vision

If you were to imagine the perfect book to describe IT organizations right now, it might be entitled A Tale of Two Clouds. Here are eight steps companies can follow to tackle immediate challenges and jump on the path to building cloud-everywhere environments.

No. 8 Q&A with Argonne Lab’s Rick Stevens

Supercomputers are about to become a whole lot more powerful, enabling researchers to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. Argonne National Laboratory’s Rick Stevens talks about ‘the biggest, baddest’ computer in the world.

No. 9 Password policy recommendations: Here’s what you need to know

Complexity, uniqueness, and periodic change have long been the top best practices for passwords, but new recommendations have led to changes around password policies.

No. 10 What’s new in the Linux kernel?

After all these years, the core developers of Linux keep innovating. New versions will be faster and more stable.

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